The Pursuit of Happiness

Sometimes I run into or hear from old friends,  relatives,  acquaintances who ask me if I am happy with the choice, I have made. If I want to continue at the convent, if I like my lifestyle, etc. I also get told I still have time to back out. A cab driver once asked me if I think nuns should marry.

Did someone motivate me, Did I always want to do this? I feel like yelling, “it’s none of your business”, to the people who I do not know. But I do not want to be rude. Would I be asked the same question if I was a doctor or a lawyer.  Would people ask me if I was happy with my choice, If I want to back out of this ?

I know my life is a counter sign in an age of money, power,  and gratification. Or is God just talking to me through these people. Making sure I am ready and prepared for vows, making me think long and hard before I make a deeper commitment.

I am making first vows in July. And three years later I make final vows. I am so ready for this. Over the years my vocation has become stronger and I do not want to turn back the clock or wish I was somewhere else.





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