Called By Name

I became Sister Solana, yesterday in a beautiful ceremony. This is the stage where I received my veil and will be living the vows as I prepare to take them. My brother was down from Canada. People I know since my time in Florida were also present, people from church, the prayer group, as well as families of the other sister’s. They came to support us and wish us well.

The name I chose Sister Solana, has been inspired by the late Fr. Solanus Casey. Fr. Casey was a priest in Detroit, with an unusual background. He had a learning disability and was deemed unfit for the priesthood. Fr. Solanus somehow pulled through, and was made a simplex priest. He was not allowed to hear confessions or preach in public. 

Fr. Solanus, accepted what came his way and make the most of it. God began to use him. He was assigned to be a doorkeeper at a monastery. He would be the one who would greet visitors at the door and tell others that someone was here to see them. 

Fr. Casey began to show an interest in the visitors while they waited for their appointments. They began to tell him their problems, and people began to be comforted in his presence and many were healed by just talking to him.

Visitors flocked to see him, and this was disrupting the life at the monastery, so Fr. Casey would be transferred and people would track him down and the same things would happen all over again.

Fr. Casey soon became the most popular priest in Detroit without preaching a single sermon!

Fr. Casey fits into our charism with special learning needs. His humility also stands as a an example, when vocations are driven by ambition to trust in what God has in store for us, even if it does not meet our own expectations. Fr. Casey did not get angry or bitter at the church for making him a simplex priest, but would often thank God in gratitude for considering him worthy to serve in some way.

During his exams at the seminary, he would pray that God would only give him the questions, he knew the answers too, and it turned out so.

Fr. Casey was in the habit of thanking God in advance for what God was going to do.

It’s not know what disability Fr. Casey had, because he was not diagnosed, but all evidence points to a language based disability.

I hope I can live up to his legacy, his cause is now up for canonization.

Please pray for me, so that I may be God’s humble instrument in the same way that Fr, Solanus Casey was.






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