A Lesson in Gratitude

Last week I was scheduled to travel to Toronto to see my family. On the first day, the flight was delayed and then canceled. I was given a flight for the next day in the evening. I had to spend the night at the airport, in Detroit. On the second day, the connecting flight was delayed and I missed my flight, which happened to be the last flight for the day. I was told that the next flight to Toronto would only be after 2 days. I decided to go back to Florida. I could not get a hotel room, because it took forever to connect with them. So goes another night at the airport.

The next day, I was set to take the morning flight to Florida. When I was getting ready to board the plane. I was told I could be put on a flight to Toronto. I took them up. The flight was delayed and it looked like it might be canceled. I had less than an hour to make up my mind, about taking a flight back to Florida and to walk to the gate, which was on the other side of the airport. Thankfully, I made it in record time, the plane was delayed by some time, but we still made it.

I spent three days and two nights in Detroit, in an airport that was freezing. I made friends along the way, was texting and calling the sisters as well as my family, who were praying for me.

It was like a dream, that was so rushed. I wondered why God let me travel at this time, if I had to not go there in the first place. Could God not have saved me the trouble, the cold, the anxiety, the exhaustion?

I discovered something along the way, about myself, that I was stronger than I thought I was. It’s like a tea bag that does not know, how strong it can be until it gets into hot water.

I have come to cherish and appreciate life more, as well as have compassion on people who suffer or struggle.

I have found joy through this experience, confidence, and inner freedom, as strange as this may seem. I am also grateful that God kept me safe and in good health through it all, even though I was missing days of medication.

I have to still travel home, next week. I am done with connecting flights for now. Hopefully the weather is better next week, and I make it to Toronto safe and sound.


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