A Blessed Year

As we move towards, the end of this year and the end of my candidacy, I reflect on how this year has been.  I have pursed my calling to religious life in this community. I have grown to love the charism, my sisters in the faith, the students, and our ministry. I have  overcome my fear of some animals. (The cats now sleep on my bed). I have been through the initial honeymoon, to the desert with Christ, lost myself for a while, and was uncertain, and then restored with the strength of Christ.

The kids have been asking me to play Christmas music in my classroom, since October. I always told them that it was not time yet. It’s now the most wonderful time of the year. I will be spending Christmas with the sisters and going home to see my family in January.

When I return, I will be entering the novitiate. I will receive my veil, and a new name.  A name that might forever seal my identity and new life in Christ. The novitiate is a time of two years, where we study our vows in depth, and prepare to make them.

There were times, when I wondered if I should go ahead with this, if I made the right choice etc. God has reassured me that this is where HE wants me. I do not know what the future will bring, but I do know that God will walk with me every step of the way, in the new year to come and always.

God has shown me how idolatry was a part of my life, the things I placed before God in my life. I have decided to let go of them, and die to myself so I can live in Christ. I am prepared for a radical self-offering of myself.


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