Love Of Neighbour

I am the only Canadian, in an all American convent. Recently, we were discussing politics, and I said something about American foreign policy, that offended my American sisters. They were like, “so Canadians hate Americans too”. I do not hate America or Americans. There are many things I love about this great country.

My views are were just based on what I had been taught in my political science classes. I had no idea that they would be so offended by them.

I was challenged to be more open-minded, to have a balanced view of things, and to understand the American perspective for doing certain things.

This is a challenge I accept, and it got me thinking.

Is this how those on the outside view the church? Do they take time to be open to truly understand the church and her teachings.

As hard as this is, and I wish I did not have to deal with certain issues. I do, and I am not sure if this is God’s way of putting me in the hot seat to be more understanding of my neighbour and those who I may not always agree with.

I do not know.


One thought on “Love Of Neighbour

  1. prayinganglicanlayman says:

    It’s always difficult when people interpret criticism of an action or opinion as hatred. I think it can be an expression of pride. It is in my case, at least! I think you are probably right about people outside the Church, but I expect we who are on the inside are often blind to the reality and suffering of those who are outside as well.
    I very much enjoy your writing!
    God Bless!


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