A Second Chance

Every sister in this community has a disability of some type.  I am on the autism spectrum.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses, and are accommodating each other by helping each other out with what we need help for. For instance if someone is a good organizer, she helps someone who might have trouble with organizing etc.

Our way of living flows into our ministry, with those with learning disabilities, in our school and college, where we educate and accommodate others.

Currently I am a TA for Math and Science and a teacher for Art, with the youngest kids in the school. In this group the youngest is five and the oldest is ten.

I learnt that keeping them busy with something, they are interested in is the best way to get them to calm down and get good results from Dennis the Menace (seriously)  since most of them are very hyper boys.

I am tired and exhausted just being around them, since I am on the quieter side, but I cannot wait for the next day.

How crazy is that?

They are also visual learners and love art. The school teaches them math and science like they teach them art.

They ask me questions like, “Are you almost a sister?” and once even asked for my Mum’s phone number so they could call and complain about me. LOL.

What’s strange is that Math, Science, and Art, are subjects that I disliked the most in school, along with my fear of being with animals, along with social anxiety.

It’s like God is giving me all those things that I struggled with, but in a different environment, and I am discovering that I am actually getting good at some of these things.

It’s almost as if God is giving me second chance at life. To live the life I missed out on, but in a different way.


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