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Love Of Neighbour

I am the only Canadian, in an all American convent. Recently, we were discussing politics, and I said something about American foreign policy, that offended my American sisters. They were like, “so Canadians hate Americans too”. I do not hate America or Americans. There are many things I love about this great country.

My views are were just based on what I had been taught in my political science classes. I had no idea that they would be so offended by them.

I was challenged to be more open-minded, to have a balanced view of things, and to understand the American perspective for doing certain things.

This is a challenge I accept, and it got me thinking.

Is this how those on the outside view the church? Do they take time to be open to truly understand the church and her teachings.

As hard as this is, and I wish I did not have to deal with certain issues. I do, and I am not sure if this is God’s way of putting me in the hot seat to be more understanding of my neighbour and those who I may not always agree with.

I do not know.


The Joy of Religious Life

A new film called Light of Love, features the joys, struggles, and journey’s of nuns in five different communities across the United States.

This is so beautiful, it could be a series in itself.


Ave Maria!

Since I joined the Epiphany community, I have witnessed miracles taking place. Food multiplying itself, people bringing us the things we need without being asked for.

The most significant one has been the presence and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Our community knows a couple here that owns some restaurants.  On August 15th, the feast of the Assumption, they came to visit the school. This is the first time his wife came out to see the school, and her birthday is on August 15th. She is not Catholic.

Sometime last year, the community gave them a statue of Mary,  that they put in one of their restaurants.

They have some atheists employees that did not like the statue being there, and so moved it away from sight. The owner did not like it, and she put the statue back where she had put it, at the restaurant in the front.

Last month, the same employees were working at the restaurant, and nobody else was around. The statue lit up and started moving around.

The atheists employees  were shocked out of their minds. This lasted long enough for them to get a bit on their cellphones.

The couple saw this as a confirmation from God.

Earlier , they had made a decision, that we did not know about. They were going to retire, but had decided to keep the restaurants open just to make money for our school and our kids.

Our Blessed Mother is with us, and we were thrilled that God cares so much about this community, to do this for us.

This community has been through a lot. When it first started out in 2000. It was attack by those who did not want us around in the church.

Despite the attacks, the community kept getting stronger.

Every time we get distressed, God sends us signs and wonders to reassure us.

We are praying that Our Blessed Mother is going to help pave the wave for us to get to the Vatican next year, to get papal approval.

A Second Chance

Every sister in this community has a disability of some type.  I am on the autism spectrum.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses, and are accommodating each other by helping each other out with what we need help for. For instance if someone is a good organizer, she helps someone who might have trouble with organizing etc.

Our way of living flows into our ministry, with those with learning disabilities, in our school and college, where we educate and accommodate others.

Currently I am a TA for Math and Science and a teacher for Art, with the youngest kids in the school. In this group the youngest is five and the oldest is ten.

I learnt that keeping them busy with something, they are interested in is the best way to get them to calm down and get good results from Dennis the Menace (seriously)  since most of them are very hyper boys.

I am tired and exhausted just being around them, since I am on the quieter side, but I cannot wait for the next day.

How crazy is that?

They are also visual learners and love art. The school teaches them math and science like they teach them art.

They ask me questions like, “Are you almost a sister?” and once even asked for my Mum’s phone number so they could call and complain about me. LOL.

What’s strange is that Math, Science, and Art, are subjects that I disliked the most in school, along with my fear of being with animals, along with social anxiety.

It’s like God is giving me all those things that I struggled with, but in a different environment, and I am discovering that I am actually getting good at some of these things.

It’s almost as if God is giving me second chance at life. To live the life I missed out on, but in a different way.