Gift Of The Present Moment

The Jerusalem sisters have a concern that I might be better suited to a more contemplative vocation.  They have advised me to look into and try more contemplative communities.  They also said, it was important to detach from their community, so I could spend time getting to know myself and what rhythm I would fit into. They said, that after this, if I still find that I am drawn to them, then that would be fine.

I was disappointed, when they told me this. I love this community!

There is also no way, I could lived in a cloistered community, for the rest of my life. But, after spending time in prayer and reflection. I have decided to at least consider this.

Everything I have comes from God. God has given me talents and gift that can be used for his glory. I have something to offer God, that no one else does.

I need to be open to God’s will, and not just my own, even if I am not sure where God is leading me. Faith and trust come into this, and it’s hard, really hard.

There is no one to whom I can go to. Jesus is the bridegroom of my soul. And if he’s leading me to a better place, I need to let him do so. Let him hold my hand.

I do not know what the future will bring, but, that God holds the future, and all I have is the gift of this present moment, to love him, know him, and serve him.

3 thoughts on “Gift Of The Present Moment

  1. Brother Burrito says:

    Dear Savia,

    I have just read your heartfelt blog, and I am moved to tears by your suffering in the cause of Holiness.

    By your suffering be encouraged that you are on the right path, but do not beat your head against a wall.

    Disappointment comes from your little self. You must spread your net wider to get the Lord’s catch.

    Only the Lord knows your final place in His fold. If contemplation is His delight for you, then there you must go.

    Please check out CP&S, there was a recent video on Monastic Conversion. Very powerful witness therein.

    Oh, I wish I were young again!

    Kindest regards,


    • Brother Burrito says:


      You’ve already seen that video, commented on it, and that comment led me here.

      Please pray for poor senile me!

      Leastwise, do not be afraid to be a contemplative.


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