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Start With Yourself Part 1

I just got back from a beautiful retreat in New Jersey.  It’s run by a team of priests from India.  God placed a few things on my there.

The church is on the rise in other parts of the world, but is now declining in the West. In my encounters with fellow Catholics, of all kinds, I have encountered a deep sense of despair.

Liberal Catholics want the church to get with the times. This to them is the way to bring people back to church. Conservative Catholics, want to rid the church of all liberalism and heresy. This to them is the key to revival in the church.

Both sides are wrong.

Christianity is not about changing institutions or laws, but changing people. Constant grumbling and complaining about other people does not change the world.


It is much easier to change oneself than it is to change others. I want to become the saint God created me to be, and I would like to invite others to do the same.

Go to Mass, frequent the sacraments, read the Bible.  Ask God to help you persevere in faith and change you. To make you the kind of saint He created you to be.  Do not be afraid.

Start with yourself. Matthew Kelly, in his book “Rediscovering Catholicism” said, “The Catholic Church is a sleeping giant. All we nee to do is wake up, smell the coffee, drink it, and get moving.

Do not wait for someone else to do something. Let’s start with ourselves.