Surprised By God

Last week, was the Salesian retreat in Cornwall, Ontario. It was the best discernment retreat, I have been on, to-date.  It was a 5 hour drive from Toronto. We played games, listened to talks, shared our deepest desires, and lives with complete strangers, went to Mass in French, had adoration, ate a lot, and sang a lot, and forgot the verses with the New Missal translation.

When it was time to go we were no longer strangers, but friends in Christ.

Everyone was at a different place in their discernment journey. Some of them were beginners, some were returning for the second or third time, and some like me were still vocation shopping for the right order.

I had a list of things that I wanted in a community. A balance of active and contemplative, the salesians are very active. Adoration every day, salesians have adoration once a week, a very structured schedule, this is an order that works with youth, and has missionaries all over the world, anything but structured. I wanted habits, in Canada habits are optional.

Despite all this, I totally fit in. I was happy, at peace, and filled with joy. My vocation search had reached a climax.  Everything I wanted along the way, had come to completion in two and a half days.

God has totally surprised me. I am still waiting for a week or two before I ask for an application, because I want to make sure this is real and not just the Euphoria of the weekend.

I am so happy, I could walk on water.



2 thoughts on “Surprised By God

  1. Lisa says:

    Praised be Jesus Christ! I will be praying for you, savvy! And, welcome to the discerning blogosphere 🙂

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